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Not sure what to do with your space career?

Venture the different realms and beyond with this handy guide to space adventures in the year 24XX!

A Goon's Guide to the Galaxy is a lo fi space fantasy adventure game set in a weird wacky galaxy. It is an acknowledgement to all existing and future 24XX games by allowing any or all of versions of this system to be somewhere in the galaxy. Use the guide to have a clear idea of your own space adventurer, but take them to different worlds and spheres with things such space commute and galactic news.

[current version is in light mode, as issues with sourced images are being fixed. The final version will still be the shown starry black void cover]

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a successor to Galaxy Goons, made for 2400 Jam.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorJohn Erwin
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tags24xx, nsr, poc-made, rules-light, rules-lite, Sci-fi, Space, space-fantasy
Average sessionA few hours


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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Reposting my message from a year ago, but this time with more context.

I am new to TTRPG so I have some questions:

  • How many players does this game support? (min/max) Please clarify if your number includes or excludes a GM.
  • What is the average play time? (actually your game is tagged as a few hours, but good to add to page description)
  • Is there a solo mode or not? (I doubt it, otherwise you would’ve mentioned it)

I get frustrated because it seems this information is not included on a lot of game page descriptions on itch.io. Maybe it’s obvious to people who are already into TTRPGs, but not to me as a noob!

(1 edit)

Hi! Apologies for this reallllly late reply, as I have not been active in making games as of late. 

* Ideal game group for AGGG can consist of 3-4 players and 1 GM. But the game itself can run on more players given the game's focus on the conversation and not on the game mechanics loop.

* Average play time is 2 to 3 hours for each session or adventure. Noted on adding game time.

* Solo mode is currently not part of this game. 

I understand the frustration, as this game is initially designed to be a hack of 2400 games (see link to 2400 game jam in description to find out more), so it is intended to have gaps in the rules. You will often see it in other games as well if they are part of a game jam, or intended to be a hack or supplement of another game.

I appreciate the interest, and I hope the answers above are sufficient. Feel free to ask more questions if needed.

How many players does this game support (or recommended)? Can it be played solo? Game time?


A Goon's Guide To The Galaxy is a 24XX engine game about misadventures in a busy, weird, energetic galazy.

It's 10 pages, and fully self-contained. You don't need to read 24XX to run or play Goon's Guide.

Its layout is also clean and its text is extremely easy to read, but apart from some really cool graphic design elements, there aren't any internal illustrations.

Setting-wise, Goon's Guide does a very good job of capturing the energy of Hitchhiker's Guide in a gameable way, but it's also probably not right to say it's a Hitchhiker's Guide fan game. Goon's works with the same sort of milieu, and you could instantly plug in some proper nouns and make a Hitchiker's Guide campaign out of it, but you could just as easily use Goon's Guide for something like Guardians Of The Galaxy or Star Trek.

Space just has to be big, and cosmopolitan, and balkanized for this game to work.

Mechanics-wise, Goon's Guide is wonderfully simple. You've got all your adventure game basics, with skills at different dice ratings, equipment management if you carry anything super bulky, plus an item-based HP system.

There's also a fairly deep and flavorful character creation system, with skills, classes, homeworlds, unique traits, NPCs, etc. It's simple and quick to operate, but it outputs characters that feel complex and fun to use.

For GMs, there's a little bit of GMing advice, but you're largely expected to seat-of-your-pants it unless you commit to doing your own prep. There are some great, well-written hooks at the back, but no sample adventure or bestiary.

Overall, for galaxy-hopping sci-fi adventure games that are at least a little bit zany, this is the first thing I'd reach for. It's very easy to use, the design choices are all fun and make sense, and it gives groups a lot of freedom within the setting. If anything here sounds like something you like, buy a copy.